The Lithuanian research and education network LITNET connect research, study and education institutions, provides state-of-the-art data communication and other innovative e-services to support international and inter-institutional collaboration for Lithuanian R&E community. LITNET has been providing the most innovative and advanced digital data transmission services to the Lithuanian R&E community since 1991.

LITNET is a member of the European research and education network GÉANT Association, and serves as apart of the global GÉANT network infrastructure. LITNET provides international connectivity to other countries’ R&E networks, research, experimental development and innovation infrastructures, as well as to the global Internet. This enables academia to quickly access global resources and information for their daily activities. GÉANT is constantly improving and expanding its services and network to meet the growing needs of academic societies. LITNET aktyviai dalyvauja GÉANT paslaugų ir tinklo plėtros projektuose, naudojasi GEANT tinklo gerosiomis praktikomis.

The maintenance and development of LITNET network and services are jointly implemented by LITNET technical centers operating in five Lithuanian universities – Vilnius university, Vilnius Gediminas technical university, Vytautas Magnus university, Kaunas university of technology and Klaipėda university.

LITNET services reach more than 1000 institutions. Together with research and education institutions LITNET servicesare provided to secondary, primary schools and pre-schools, vocational training centres, non-formal education institutions, libraries, museums, and other public institutions.

The Lithuanian research and education network LITNET is a 5-year programme funded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of Lithuania and implemented under joint venture agreement between five major universities, referred to as LITNET technical centres. Each technical centre is responsible for operation and development of the LITNET network nodes, also joint provision and development of e-services aimed to best serve requirements and needs of R&E institutions in Lithuania.