Acceptable Use Policy



1. Lithuanian Academic and Research Network LITNET (hereafter referred to as LITNET) network usage rules (hereafter referred to as the Rules) applying to all LITNET users, lay down the principles of legal, secure and ethical use of computers and network.

2. The Rules are binding on all natural or legal persons using LITNET network and it's services.


3. The Cooperation Agreement signed between the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania (hereafter referred to as MES) and the universities responsible for functioning of LITNET Technical Centres, articulated and formulated principles of LITNET infrastructure, operation, management, service support and development.

4. The Rules define network and computer security incident as an action performed against a computer or computer network which result in material or moral loss incurred by person, or in the loss of confidentiality, integrity or performance of network.

5. LITNET network provides:

5.1. data transmission and related services for the participating institutions in order to perform their institutional functions established by laws and regulations;

5.2. An access to high-quality data transmission devices and technologies for Lithuania’s education, science and study institutions;

5.3. access to Gigabit European Academic Network (GEANT) services for students and researchers;

5.4. access to modern technologies and possibilities for researchers to participate in national and international projects;

5.5. advanced computer network service solutions for LITNET users.


6. An institution shall be connected to LITNET by the decision of LITNET Council and in accordance with LITNET service providing procedure.

7. The participating institution has no right to connect other institutions to LITNET.

8. It is permitted to use LITNET resources and services:

8.1. for the activities serving the purposes pursued by LITNET;

8.2. for education, research and studies;

8.3. for other activities articulated in Law on Education, and Law on Higher Education and Research.

9. It is prohibited to use LITNET network:

9.1. for commercial activities;

9.2. to perform any actions infringing the copyright of natural or legal persons protected by Law on Copyright and Related Rights and laws on intellectual property. This includes, but is not limited to, any of the following activities:

9.2.1. installation, usage, storage or distribution of software in violation of its licensing requirements or without license;

9.2.2. copying and distributing material protected by copyright;

9.3. acting in a way which leads to disruption of network activity or the work of other users; undertaking acts which cause an unauthorized modifications of computer system or data. This includes, but is not limited to, any of the following activities:

9.3.1. distribution of computer viruses;

9.3.2. deliberate or reckless overloading of network channels;

9.3.3. initiation or passing on of junk male (spam);

9.3.4. unauthorized port scanning;

9.3.5. unauthorized access or attempt to access any of the services;

9.3.6. disturbance of hardware;

9.4. to act in a way that may cause computer security incident;

9.5. to publish any offensive, obscene or indecent material or any data capable of being resolved into indecent images or material. This includes, but is not limited to, any of the following:

9.5.1. materials of pornographic or erotic character;

9.5.2. materials propagating hatred on the grounds of nationality, race, ethnicity or religion, or materials promoting violence or terrorism;

9.5.3. defamatory materials, discrediting or insulting institutions, states or private persons;

9.6. to infringe rules or regulations of other used networks

9.7. to violate Lithuania’s laws and regulations, international agreements by any other actions.

10. Institutions connected to LITNET:

10.1. must ensure observance of the LITNET network rules;

10.2. must not engage in any activity which results in unlawful use of the LITNET network ;

10.3. may give temporary access to the LITNET network resources for quests of institution with exception for shared network resources the use of which is regulated by national and international LITNET agreements;

11. natural or legal persons should use the LITNET network in accordance with provisions of LITNET regulatory documents and the rules of Internet ethics.


12.  In accordance with provisions of LITNET service providing procedure, in the event of breaches of the Rules by the participating institution, the services may be suspended, limited or withdrawn.

13. LITNET is not liable for any loss incurred by users through LITNET services.

14. Where violation of these Rules is unlawful, or results in material or moral loss or damage to LITNET, the matter may be referred for legal action in accordance to laws of the Republic of Lithuania.


15. It is recommended for the participating institutions to have their own regulations in conformity with these computer network usage rules.
16. LITNET Network Usage Rules are published on LITNET website
17. The Rules may be amended on the initiative of the LITNET Council.

Management of LITNET infrastructure providesLITNET technical centers:


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