Lithuanian Research and Education Network (LITNET) connects computer networks of research, study and education institutions. For all institutions, which are connected to this network, digital data transmission services are provided as well as other innovated solutions in computer network technology and its services. LITNET activities pursues to enhance competitiveness of Lithuanian economy by intensifying scientific research, to enable researches and other academic and study staff including students to use services of the European academic network GEANT, to enable for them to have a same computer network environment as in any academic place in Europe and also with lower cost to get high quality data transmission services. LITNET is a part of the European academic network and provides possibility to participate in different projects which are executed in some other international computer network organizations (TERENA, CERT, etc.).



1. Lithuanian Academic and Research Network LITNET (hereafter referred to as LITNET) network usage rules (hereafter referred to as the Rules) applying to all LITNET users, lay down the principles of legal, secure and ethical use of computers and network.

2. The Rules are binding on all natural or legal persons using LITNET network and it's services.

 APPROVED  by the Minister of Education in 2011 March 16. Order No.V-436

Board of Lithuanian research and education institution computer network LITNET


Management of LITNET infrastructure providesLITNET technical centers:


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