TERENA and DANTE have joined forces to become the GÉANT Association

In response to the community of Europe’s national research and education networking organisations’ (NRENs’) wishes, the GÉANT Association has been formed by re-organising TERENA and DANTE under a unified governance structure. The GÉANT Association was formed on 7 October 2014, when its members agreed to change the Articles of Association of TERENA, changing its name to GÉANT, and the majority of DANTE shares were transferred to the GÉANT Association.

The GÉANT Association is owned by its core membership. This includes 36 National Members, which are European national research and education network (NREN) organisations, and one Representative Member - NORDUnet - which participates on behalf of five Nordic NRENs. Associates are also welcome and include commercial organisations and multi-national research infrastructures and projects.


This restructuring marks a new phase in almost thirty years of collaborative research and education networking in Europe.

The main expected benefits of this restructuring are simplified governance, more efficient management, more flexible use of resources and a more inclusive membership. Members, services, operations and relationships with partners and related communities should see no adverse effects. Indeed, this restructuring will strengthen the European research and education networking community as a whole.

To access community news, working documents, links and information about all the activities undertaken in the GÉANT Association, or to find contact information regarding specific activities, please refer to the TERENATNCGÉANT Project and DANTE websites. 

Management of LITNET infrastructure providesLITNET technical centers:


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